Wladimir Marechko was born in 1975 in Kozowa/Ukraine.
He had his first accordion lessons at the young age of 8 years with Oleg Stelmach. Already at that time his genius talent for this instrument was evident.

Following the Solomia Kruschelnyzka Music College in Ternopil where he was taught by Omeljan Kmit, he continued his music studies at the Donezk State S.Prokofjew Music School under the management of Prof. Wjacheslav Wojewodin (Accordion) and Prof. Wladimir Agafonov (Conductor), where the natural music talent graduated with merits.
After his successful diploma he started a postgraduate study in the team of lecturer Hans Kare Jacobsen at the Hohner conservatoire in Trossingen/Germany. He concluded the soloist study in 2006 with the predicate  “excellent”. In parallel he is also studying Jazz accordion since 2005.

On a regular basis Wladimir Marechko gives concerts in Germany, France and Switzerland.

He is the winner of numerous and significant national and international  awards:

2003:        9th German Accordion Music Prize in Baden-Baden /Germany
       (Predicate “Excellent”)

2004:        Federal Swiss Concertina- and Accordion Contest in Lyss / Switzerland (1rst       Prize)

2005:        Coupe Suisse de l’Accordéon in Huttwil / Switzerland (1rst Prize)

2006:        10th German Accordion Music Prize in Baden-Baden / Germany (Predicate “Excellent”)

2006:        International Accordion Contest in Reinach / Switzerland (3rd Prize)

In addition to his masterful concert activities, W. Marechko  is also teaching music and is frequently accompanying soloists and choirs.

In 2002 his debut  music CD was published. It comprised oeuvres of J.S.Bach, D. Scarlatti, A. Vivaldi, W. Semjonow, A. Beloschitsky.

Another CD comprising oeuvres from Baroque to Modern Times  was published in 2004.